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3 Steps To Setting Your Ad Campaign Up Like A Pro

If setting up an ad campaign makes you feel like lying in a dark room with a flannel on your forehead, then this masterclass is for you.

On 2nd October at 12pm BST and 8pm BST, I'm going to be sharing my 3 steps to setting up your ad campaign like a pro, instead of winging it.

I'll be lifting the lid on how we set up ad campaigns in my agency and also what I teach inside my Facebook ADcelerator Programme which over 1000 Social Media Managers, Coaches and Entrepreneurs have gone through.

First masterclass - 2nd October at 12pm BST / 7am EST / 6am CST / 4am PST

Second masterclass - 2nd October at 8pm BST / 3pm EST / 2pm CST / 12pm PST

In this Masterclass




How to choose the right objective and why the algorithm may doom your ad campaign to failure from the get-go by getting this one simple thing wrong.



How to target your ads to the right people, so you can maximise your adspend with this one simple strategy.


Ad Creative

Copy and creative can make or break a campaign. Once you understand what to test and how to test, you’ll see just how influential this can be in helping your campaign to optimise.


This is a Must Attend If...

  •  Your heart sinks whenever you have to create an ad campaign as it feels like you’re always winging it.

  • ​You don’t work with huge budgets, so all the gurus sharing their best tips and hacks won’t work because you need to be spending £1000s per month.

  • ​You’re a Social Media Manager who has been dabbling with Facebook™ ads but want to know more about this in-demand skill so you can charge more for your services and run them with confidence.

  • You're an Entrepreneur or Coach and want to know how to get your ads in front of your ideal client/customer so that you're not wasting your adspend on the wrong people.

Meet Your Host...

"Facebook Ads are a Dark Art..."

Hi! I’m Emma Van Heusen, Agency Owner, Best-Selling Author and a Facebook Ads and Business Coach. I’ve been running Facebook Ad funnels for coaches in my agency for years and have taught over 1000 Social Media Managers, Entrepreneurs, and Coaches how to run ads for their own business or so they can offer them as a service.

I’ve been taught by Facebook’s Global Strategy Team and have also gone on to train with some of the top marketers in the World, so it’s fair to say I know my shizzle!

Having these skills enabled me to grow a thriving multiple 6-figure business in less than 9 months and if I can do it, anyone can! I’m a single Mum and am driven by helping people to build a business they love and to get results like this…


454 x Return on Ad Spend

Are you ready to level up your knowledge? 

If so, then hit the button below right now and book your spot.


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